Richard Upjohn (22 January 1802 – 16 August 1878) was a British-born American architect who emigrated to the United States and became most famous for his Gothic Revival churches. He was partially responsible for launching the movement to such popularity in the United States.

St James Episcopal/Anglican Church of Muncy was established circa 1797 and has continued to celebrate the Eucharist to present day. The current building was designed by well known architect Richard Upjohn, also known for his work designing the famous Wall Street Trinity Episcopal of (Manhatten) NYC. Upjohn reportedly oversaw the construction of our church and was so impressed by the builders' attention and appointments of detail that he did not charge for his services.

St James is the only building in historic Muncy Borough currently named in the US National Registry of Historic Places. Parshinors rejoice and celebrate the Eucharist in a lovely Victorian Gothic Revival sanctuary that was meticulously restored in the 1980s as part of an endowment from the Margaret Waldron Foundation, among other generous contributions from parishioners and the Muncy community. 

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St James

 Muncy, PA

Sunday Eucharist

Preludes begin 9:50 am