Sunday Eucharist

Preludes begin 9:50 am


Recorder Society

Recorder Society is a group for adults age 14+ who are learning to play the recorder. This group will use a standard method to learn in a group setting, offering a place for people to meet others, forge new friendships, and grow as musicians. Cost of membership is free, you just purchase your own books and instruments.  It meets in the Parish Hall on First Thursdays of the month at 7:00 pm with a pre-registration time of 6:30 pm. Additional rehearsal may be scheduled according to need. For more about the group and how to register download the syllabus. A preview of the syllabus is framed below on this web page, for your convenience.

This group is NOT a part of the Parish, however, it is hosted by St. James Church. Those in the group who would be interested in playing for services will be able too if they wish during an appropriate service or special event. 

The group is administred by Brian Hess, who just happens to be the websmaster of this site and a member of the vestry. Any questions in regard to the registration or syllabus should be sent directly to him via the form below.

The Royal Wind Music is a recorder Consort based in the Netherlands. They play in a variety of Consort configurations and focus on Renaissance and early Baroque Period Music.

St James

 Muncy, PA